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From participants in Course 1 (Feb - March 2011)

  1. The predominant characteristic of this first session and field test of CISSE’s Diploma Course 1 was one of an environment and culture of Love.  In this environment participants quickly became engaged in the learning and in being self-reflective.  Each faculty facilitator demonstrated an extraordinary ability to present (teach), and displayed, each in their unique and special way, the characteristics of an exemplar. - Dr. R. M. - Representative, World Education Committee, ISSE

  2. Most importantly I walk away with a greater sense as to how my external attributes influence others.  Basically, I need to be an exemplar at all times.  This is the most important lesson: 
    3-HV, unity in our thought, word and deeds.  What I leave with is a greater responsibility to be the messenger of the Founder of this character education program.  To be a message of Love, Truth, Peace, Right Conduct and Nonviolence. - T.M. – High School Teacher, Montreal

  3. Very well put together and executed program.  Gave the participants a push in the right direction to enable their self-transformation.  Mr. P. and Dr. M. gave valuable tips and good insights with the help of examples from their own lives  – housewife, formerly in medical practice

  4. Course 1 has been well organized in spite of constraints or hurdles that might have come along.  The facilitators are of very high caliber and very knowledgeable, and more importantly developed their topics from their heart as exemplars. - SSE teacher

  5. Overall it has been a very informative, transforming workshop where one has felt invigorated with the values.  I have felt the “One-ness” a sense of tremendous satisfaction and gratifying........A lot of learning from each other. - S.R., Daycare teacher trainee

  6. It was a wonderful experience.  Very inspiring.  Facilitators were incredible exemplars.  Topics covered were very interesting.  Activities were enjoyable and helped to build team and community.- Anon

  7. The course was great overall.  The topics were great.  The energy was very positive and I am very grateful for the whole experience.  You have a great team and I am looking forward to the next classes. - D. A., SSE teacher

  8. Well planned.  Excellent choice of facilitators.  Activities were very interactive and interesting.  The journal writing of your experiences was excellent.  The presentations on the field work made by the participants were very heart warming.  Very creative and interesting projects were presented which are very inspiring. - Retired Executive Assistant

  9. The course content and delivery was well thought out and presented well.  The sessions were interactive and activities promoted learning.  The credentials of the presenters brought a 100% of credibility to the presentations. - K.S., Corporate Team Lead

  10. Excellent; time well spent; very introspective; amazing youthful presenters.- Y. M., Banker

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The aim of education should be to bring about an all-round development of the personalities of the students.

- Sathya Sai Baba

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