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Feedback from parents attending the program


“One of the great things about the Dynamic Parenting workshops was to be able to participate with my husband in this experiential learning program. Together, we learned to be better parents, better spouses, and we also saw how we could leverage these teachings in our workplace. Every human interaction is an opportunity for building confidence, happiness, and a growth mindset. Together, we aligned our perspective, reinforcing our shared values and deciding to try very hard to live in the moment by being present with our kids and to commit to developing strong, intelligent, sensible, confident and moral human beings.

“Dynamic parenting workshop helped me improve some of my behavior towards my child and wife. I have learned to control my emotions, show my love and affection, started to empower them, listen with empathy and spent more time with them. Also, I am trying to control my anger and yelling. In a nutshell DVP has improved the quality of my family life.”

“I have begun to respond to challenging situations with more calm. For example, when my child  becomes demanding and on the verge of a tantrum, instead of feeling   frustrated immediately and getting into a war of “no’s” with her, I  take a few seconds now to quickly come down to the level at which she  is. I approach the situation with the mindset that by offering my child a little focused attention and that by distracting her lovingly with another topic, I can change her behavior.  As a result, and perhaps of most significance, is that my child too has learned to modulate her behavior and initiates requests now by first asking to have a discussion. Together, we then set rules and understand the consequences if we don’t follow through with a rule. This has definitely led to a calmer and more peaceful household. "

“My family and myself benefited from the Dynamic Parenting workshops in the following ways:

  1. I listen more than talk to our teenage boys now;
  2. I have realized that giving children tools to deal with life's tough situations is more valuable than trying to protect them from being exposed to unpleasant circumstances. 
  3. My husband spends more time playing with our daughter;
  4. Classes made my husband and me more aware and cautious about our parental skills;
  5. We are more attuned to each other in terms of our parenting goals and tactics;
  6. My husband watches his tone of voice”

 “I'm going to start off with what I was, before attending this program and what I'm now. 

I was one among those who wouldn’t listen to what others say even if it was for my own good. My voice over my spouse was always commanding and I never used to pay attention to what she said. I was under the perception that my actions were always right and my decision is all that prevailed at the end of the day. Doing so, I felt elated and assumed I was in total control of the family. Over a period of time, my actions, especially the way I talked to my spouse started reflecting in my elder child too. I did not take it seriously and I assumed this will get fixed by itself over a period of time and I continued. Though my child's action was bothering me, I was clueless on how to get this addressed. I never stopped embarrassing my spouse and so did my child. That sort of a person was I.

Initially I started off my Dynamic Parenting workshops without paying much attention and over a period of time I started to realize my mistakes. I started sharing my weekly insights from the program to my family.  My wife said this is all what I had been telling you these many years and you never paid any attention. She welcomed the change in me…

Previously our dinner or lunch during weekend would mostly happen while watching television. Now our dinner is served on dining table and of course we have our dinner as a family. Thankfully dining table is in action now. Just on the lighter side. My little one never had an opportunity to make her own roti. I would just ignore her saying you are wasting my time and would turn her away doing it myself. Today she is trying roti along with us and she is happy and excited to have what she had made. I'm happy myself to have given her such a wonderful experience. She does the vacuum and laundry along with us. She has learnt being responsible and most importantly she knows to make her own roti which the elder one is still yet to learn. I'm feeling elated now for the correct reflections.

My approach towards my child and wife has changed significantly though not one hundred percent. Of course the attitude I have built these many decades will fade away in the months and years to come. My voice is no longer commanding and I have learnt to be patient to a considerable extent. I'm pretty sure I will be there soon having them on all smiles.

I thank the almighty for opening up my eyes that too for my own benefit. What more could I ask for? Wish there was a rewind button to go behind in life by a decade and start all over again” 

“The Dynamic Parenting Program has been an eye opener for me personally. I thought I was a great father. Thank you for opening my eyes that I am anything but!   
I used to get angry on my child before when he misbehaved and say 'No' to his tantrums without explaining the reason for my 'No'. 

I don't get angry on my child any more.  I am trying to be firm without being dominating. And now if he wants a chocolate I don't simply say 'No'.   I give a reason and explain myself. I try to ask him for a solution. It is a work in progress but we are making progress.”

“This workshop was amazing. It was a great learning tool for me. A few things I have put in practice are I try to understand my children better (not controlling them). Therefore their response to responsibility and understanding is better.

  • We now have a better and longer family time. 
  • There is less frustration.
  • We watch much less TV, so have more time to do better things like   talking, playing, baking, cleaning together etc. 
  • I am controlling anger to some extent and coming up with better solutions together to solve the problem.

These are few things we are practicing at home and are working towards others”

“My family is now better connected and very closely bonded. We are more open and vocal with the children about our daily lives; the children understand and see the value in a hard day’s work and what is involved in a day to day basis to run a family. We are much more connected spiritually and the children have made immense strives to make goals for themselves and our family to be much more connected to us and God. So thank you. Thank you will never be enough in our hearts for what you have opened up our eyes, ears and heart to. Our mind is at peace to know we are surrounded by all loving individuals at this group”.

“I benefitted from the parent workshops in a tremendous way.  I make an active effort to be aware of what I say with my spouse and children.  I have learned to respond properly instead of reacting in a negative way.  I have also started to meditate regularly every morning with my kids.  As a family, we are grateful for the workshops in that it has reprioritized our important matters in life as opposed to the urgent matters.  We make an active effort to set aside family time and we have been successful.  Our lives have slowed down and we are learning to communicate better.  It has changed our spousal relationship; we are learning to communicate effectively instead of shutting down communication after an argument.  Finally, we have started using the “I” statement, which effective gets our children and spouse to respond in a positive way.”

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