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Excellence through Education in Human Values


Canadian Institute of Sathya Sai Education (CISSE) offers the following courses for school teachers, other professionals and community volunteers interested in personal development or in teaching SSEHV in community programs or settings:

A. Standard Diploma Course which is composed of three segments, as follows:
  • Course One: Introductory Level
  • Course Two: Intermediate Level
  • Standard Diploma Course: Final Requirements.
B. Advanced Diploma Course
  • Designed for those who have successfully completed the Standard Diploma Course, and would like to do research on SSEHV in schools, in the community, or their workplace on Dynamic Parenting or SSE (Sai Spiritual Education)
  • The time-frame for the Advanced Diploma Course is dependent upon the nature of the research and research design, but should generally reflect a year of study.


Table 1 describes the course duration and requirements for the Standard Diploma Course.

Table 1. Matrix of CISSE Training Course Requirements


Course One

Course Two

Standard Diploma Final

Contact hours

48 (8 days)

48 (8 days)

Additional 36 days(includes field work)

Assignment Hours




Practicum (understudy, student teaching, field work)

8 hrs

16 hrs


End of course  recognition

Certificate awarded

Certificate awarded

Standard Diploma awarded

(a) in partnership schools
(b) in community programs








Required for all CISSE trainers and teachers of Sathya Sai Schools.

Sai Spiritual Education (SSE)

Open To SSE teachers

Open To SSE teachers

Standard Diploma awarded


General Course objectives

  • To familiarize participants with the basic core tenets of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV)
  • To enable participants to better understand the process of self-transformation
  • To develop the ability of participants to incorporate the principles of SSEHV in their personal, professional or family life
  • To prepare participants to engage in activities that promote the philosophy of SSEHV, Sathya Sai EDUCARE and the pedagogy of integral education
  • To motivate participants to make a personal commitment to strive to become an exemplar of  universal human values

A. Course One

  • An introductory course on SSEHV
  • Open to anyone interested in becoming familiar with the essential principles of SSEHV and applying them in their personal, professional or family life
  • Completion of Course One qualifies all for participation in community SSEHV programs. However, all participants in community SSEHV programs are encouraged to complete Course Two
  • Professional teachers may begin participation in SSEHV projects in partnership schools after completion of Course One but should complete Course Two.
  • Non-professional teachers will complete both Courses One and Two before participating in SSEHV partnership school projects.

Course One Content

Module One
  • The life and teachings of universal teacher Sathya Sai Baba
  • The history of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values
  • The philosophy of Sathya Sai Education: Educare
  • The five human values

Module Two
  • The pedagogy of SSEHV: Integral Education
  • The integral relationship of the human personality and human values
  • The five teaching techniques
  • Direct and Indirect (Curricular and Co-Curricular) Models for implementing SSEHV
  • An environment and culture of love
  • Teacher as exemplar of human values

Module Three

  • The five human values from the perspective of the major religions, relevant local cultures, and national education priorities and policies
  • The core tenets of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values that distinguish SSEHV from other values-based  programs:
    • Unity of head, heart and hands (3HV)
    • Ceiling on desires
    • Unity in diversity
    • Unity of faiths
  • Selfless service and service projects

B. Course Two

  • An intermediate level course
  • Open to those who have completed Course One
  • Participants are expected to actively apply what they learn, under the supervision of the CISSE Training Team, in a non-formal, informal or formal setting
  • Course meets the full training requirements of non-professional teachers who wish to participate in SSEHV Partnership School projects.

Course Two Content
  • Provides a more in-depth exploration of the topics in Course One,
  • Expands  the participant’s understanding of the interrelationship of each topic
  • Deepens the understanding of the role of Sathya Sai Educare as well as the ability to apply what has been learned, and develops a commitment to strive to be an exemplar of  the universal human values
  • Encourages participants to actively apply the principles of Sathya Sai  Education in their respective fields  of interest (e.g.  SSEHV in the classroom and school)
  • With  approval and supervision from  the team of instructors

Module One

  • The philosophy of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values: Educare
  • Application in personal and family life
  • Application to the culture of the school/ classroom/workplace
  • Human values/philosophy/culture and the human personality (e.g. ancient and contemporary theories of moral/character development)
  • The five teaching techniques, and other compatible strategies in depth

Module Two
  • Writing lesson plans, units, themes and projects in educational settings
  • Behavior and classroom management techniques
  • Group dynamics, communication, collaboration and leadership skills
  • Application of the direct and indirect models in schools, community projects, workplace, etc.

Module Three

  • The five human values from the perspective of the major religions, relevant local culture/s, and national education priorities and policies (continued from Course One)
  • Integrating the core tenets of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values in the class, school, home, community, workplace or profession

C. The Standard Diploma Course (Final Requirements)

  • Open to all those who have completed Courses One and Two
  • Completes the training requirement for teachers of Sathya Sai Schools and all CISSE Trainers
  • Open to SSE teachers who wish to enhance their knowledge of SSEHV and teaching skills
  • Includes the development of a project integrating the philosophy of Sathya Sai Educare with the pedagogy of integral education into a curriculum or educational program at primary or secondary levels

Course Content

Module One

  • The role of values in education: Introducing the concept of values; How values contribute to the development of self, relationships, the society, and environment.
  • Introducing human values to the state or national school curriculum
  • Introducing human values to community
  • Linking human values to national and local culture
  • Linking human values to scientific knowledge through mathematics and the sciences
  • The core tenets of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values in depth
  • The unity of the head, heart and hands (3HV) and the role of conscience
  • Unity in diversity (science and spirituality in depth)
  • Unity of faiths (similarity of beliefs, values, metaphysical principles, etc.)
  • Ceiling on desires, living a spiritual life
  • Human values, the human personality and nature: The five elements, five senses

Module Two

  • The culture and environment of Sathya Sai Schools and Partnership Schools
  • Legal and pedagogical requirements
  • Human values, philosophy, and culture
  • Assessment/evaluation and basic research techniques (relative to the implementation of SSEHV in various settings)

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The aim of education should be to bring about an all-round development of the personalities of the students.

- Sathya Sai Baba

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